Vendor Tools

No listing fee. No monthly subscription. No limits on how much you sell. Our free tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow your business. Click here to start selling now.

Instant Payments

With Stripe, you can accept 135+ currencies and dozens of popular payment methods such as Apple Pay, WeChat Pay and more.

Store Vacation

Keep your online store closed for a certain span of time without having to miss out on sales. Excellent solution for you to enjoy your vacation and relax without having to worry about negative feedback or listings being removed.

Store Location & Radius Search

This features allows customers to find your store using maps and radius search. Great feature to use if you allow Local Pickup or Delivery Manager.

Shipping Tracking

Add tracking code and URL for your sold items and mark them as shipped, similarly, on receipt customer can mark them as received.

Store Invoice

You can process store wise invoice/packing slips to your customers and also configure invoice/packing slips as per requirement.

Store Coupon

Configure and generate coupons for your store. Offer discounts on products, services and shipping.

Enquiry Manager

Pre sale communication between you and the buyer. All previous enquires can be listed as your store FAQ’s.

Store Shipping

Shipping options can be configured by Country, Weight or Per Product. You have the option to ship locally or worldwide depending on the market you want to reach.

Product Importer/Exporter

You can export and import products to your store. This makes it easy and saves times when adding or managing inventory.

Smart Currency

This feature allows you to set prices in multiple currencies either using the exchange rate or set pricing. Great feature if you’re looking to sell abroad.

Bulk Stock Manager

Manage and update all your inventory at a single click, hence no need of updating the stock one-by-one.

ShipStation Integration

You can manage and fulfil all your orders using the ShipStation integration.

More Features

With the Professional Seller package you get access to more tools and features to help you manage, promote and grow your business anywhere and everywhere. Click here to register.

Staff Manager

You can add staff members to your store and allocate them set of tasks as required. You can control each staff members capability from the Seller Dashboard.


Analytics is the most important key for your marketing strategies. Besides advances sales reports you will also have store and product analytics which will help you to plan your sales strategy.

Featured Products

A great tool to promote your product. Simply click on the featured product icon and showcase your product in multiple categories and product pages.
(Wholesale Plan)

Catalogue Products

Catalogue products, take orders offline by using the hide Price or hide Buy Now button or both.
(Wholesale Plan) 

Store Article

Reach more customers by creating articles about your store, products and services.
(Wholesale Plan)

Store SEO

Configure the SEO of your store individually by placing the appropriate keywords of your choice.
(Wholesale Plan)

Delivery Manager

Create delivery slots by time/date and manage deliveries by your own delivery team, thereby allowing you to assign a delivery person to an order, and get instant delivery notifications.
(ClikPik Delivery App BETA Version)

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